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We ❤️ changemakers and the extraordinary work they do to serve vulnerable communities. aikyam school provides free courses, trainings to help make technology more accessible to change makers, technologist.

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Interactive Training: Using tech to become effortless in our day to day operations
Whether it is handling clear processes for expenses at scale or helping employees navigate through the on-boarding process, or improving visibility of the important work you - technology can be an ally to us.
Improving Discoverability, Visibility for Change makers [starts 13 Jan, 2024]
Learn more about how you can use the internet and the power of storytelling to reach out to the right audience
Making FOSS, technology accessible for change makers
Unlock the power of free tools and make a difference! Join us to learn, set up, and guide non-profits in using these impactful solutions for a better world.
Paper से डिजिटल Data संग्रहण और विश्लेषण की दिशा में कदम बढ़ाएं [starts 20 Jan, 2024]
Kobo Toolbox के साथ मोबाइल सर्वेक्षण data संग्रहण फॉर्म विकसित और लागू करने की मौलिक और उन्नत तकनीकों को सीखें।
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Our Trainers

Shemeer Babu

Shemeer is obsessed with tech for social good and has 12+ years of experience in leadership, design thinking and impact technology.

Sumi Thomas

Aikyam Fellow '23
A journalism graduate with an entrepreneurial background in media and branding, Sumi helps NGOs tell their stories for greater impact.

Megha Jibhakate

Aikyam Fellow '23
Megha, who completed the residential professional growth program from Sajhe Sapne loves making a difference in people's lives through coding.


Aikyam Fellow '23
A finance graduate, baker, home gardener from Kozhikode, Kerala, Aysha's keen interest in technology led her to becoming a certified Frappe developer.

Jinso Raj

Aikyam Fellow '23
Full stack developer with interest in automation & DevOps, and an enthusiast of free and open-source software (FOSS), Jinso is a certified Frappe developer.

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